What is the "Pen" ?

The Pen is a new device you will receive when visiting Cooper Hewitt. It allows you to interact with the museum in a number of new and exciting ways.

  • It's a pen! The pen can be used to manipulate our multi-touch tables. You can use the pen to draw, scribble and design.
  • It's a collecting device. You can use the eraser end of the pen to "collect" the objects you find interesting throughout the museum. just look for the small "plus" sign on each wall label. Tap the plus sign with the eraser end of the pen, and it will record that object to the pen's memory.
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    Alexandra Pauwels

    I was wondering if you can help us with more technical information about the pen: which product do you use (pen and touchtables)? which infrastructure do you need ? I' ve used the pen in april 2016 and I was very enthousiastic. I'm working for a museum in Louvain ( Belgium) and we are looking for a simular project to have more interaction with our visitors and the M-collection. I'll be gratefull to hear from you. Kind regards, Alexandra (see also #5173)

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